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If you always do what you’ve always done, you'll always get what you’ve always got.


In the modern world, many people attribute this quote to Anthony Robbins, renowned motivational speaker and self-improvement guru.  Go back a few years, and people will tell you that Albert Einstein said it. Go back another generation or two, and Henry Ford gets the credit; before him it was Mark Twain.  It doesn’t really matter which of these thought leaders said it.  What matters is the truth of it…and the point of it.


If you want to change the result,
you must change the way you do things.

If you’re a retailer and you’re not getting the results you want, the good news is you can transform your business, and achieve success – almost ANY goal you can think of…with a minimum of effort and little risk of failure.  

It starts with understanding that all business software is simply an accumulation of effective business rules that have been automated.  Gather these business rules from the top 300 retailers over the last decade…so that you get only the best of the best, the knowledge that will empower you to make changes and achieve the goals you want. Then develop a solution that organizes and automates these best practices for you.

A solution like that would change the way you do things.  RMPro Ingenuity is that kind of solution, and with it you can:

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  • STOP worrying about what’s going on while you’re out of the store – our NOTIFICATIONS will inform you immediately of any transaction or development that occurs. You select how you want to be informed – email or text – you choose what events should trigger the message.  It’s automatic.

  • START taking corrective action immediately if problems arise or trends turn in the wrong direction.  ALERTS appear on your home screen – in real time – keeping you up to date and informed and making it impossible to ignore.  You can only solve a problem when you know it exists, and ALERTS makes sure you do – in time to do something about it.

  • STOP guessing about what to buy, when to buy, and how much.  OPEN TO BUY lays it all out for you, based on your data, so you can minimize waste and maximize profits.

  • START benefitting from the kind of BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE that used to be reserved for only the mega-retailers. It’s like having a team of CPA’s and MBA’s on staff advising you without having to pay them.

This potent new technology is the result of input from every level of over 300 retail businesses, from the store owner to the shipping clerk, from the sales staff to the delivery driver.  It has been designed to streamline process, increase efficiencies, improve revenues and margins, and eliminate shrinkage. And the results are undeniable. This technology works better and far more easily than anything else in the market because it has been developed by retailer for retailers.  By people like you for people like you.

Kevin Modares, VP
World Trade Import and Export LLC
Dba Mary Wilson Oriental Rugs

“Innovations International continuously offers my company the business solutions that we require without the astronomical costs normally associated with this caliber of product. First class technology that was practically impossible for our small business to afford in terms of quality, service and support, just a few years ago, has become a reality in our daily operations.

From inventory management to maximizing workplace efficiency, I was not able to find anything comparable and I am happy and satisfied with our partnership. These days, every dollar and every hour should be accounted for and leveraged to its maximum potential. Our investment in Innovations International’s products leads to more sales, simply put. I believe anyone not with Innovations is either behind the curve or paying too much for too little. I look forward to many more years of competitiveness by staying at the cutting edge of technology with the help of Innovations International.”

The remarkable power of RMPro Ingenuity takes the fear out of innovation.
When people speak of innovation, they usually mean taking big, radical steps to achieve change.  Unfortunately, when you present innovation (in the form of a large, intimidating goal or dramatic routine change) to your brain, a series of complex neurological processes are set in motion that actually work against the achievement of change.  Change is perceived as dangerous, and the fear of danger can make it difficult to think clearly or act effectively.

But when the danger is something like mounting debt, disappearing inventory, diminishing sales, or decreasing margins, you need your wits about you.  You must think before you act…and then you must act decisively.  Fear cannot be part of the equation.

The science behind RMPro Ingenuity
If you can measure your business, you can manage it; if you can manage it, you can improve it.

The benefits of RMPro Ingenuity are truly amazing. Within days, you’ll discover exactly what this solution can do for you and your business…you'll find that, without even realizing you are doing it, you're seeing possibilities you never saw before, you’re creating and maintaining changes you may have previously considered too difficult or even impossible.

Without trying, without even really thinking about it, you will automatically take the steps and actions you need to take. You will be doing things differently – and getting that different result you were looking for.

One glance at the home page of RMPro Ingenuity and you effortlessly gain instant access to all areas of your business. Seeing your information presented so clearly is thought-provoking and leads you automatically and directly to take exactly the right action at exactly the right time.  And here are the top 10 benefits you’ll experience when you do:

  • Increase your sales
  • Focus your marketing and advertising
  • Manage you’re A/R more efficiently
  • Never drop the ball on your back order or purchase order
  • Never get behind your payment on your consigned inventory
  • Know instantly what is important and critical to your business
  • Never have to seek information on what is happening – Notifications pushes it to you
  • No more double entry into QB
  • Streamline your purchasing
  • Inventory term will assist you with your inventory level
And that’s just the beginning – there is a whole lot more.  I guarantee that if you make it a routine to use this tool, you will experience substantial measurable results in not only reforming your business but transforming to the next level.

If you’re doing business the same way you always have, you can’t possibly get a different result.  Find out how RMPro Ingenuity can make a change for the better in your business - call 502-267-7255 or visit to arrange for a free demo.



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